Monthly meeting topics for the next few months include:

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June 21 Topic:  Moa Brewery’s Jimmy Wheeler

      • Jimmy runs the education part of the brewery.
      •  He will supply a range of free tastings and will talk through the specialty beers, flagship beers and all good things beer.

Monthly Competition Classes.

Wine: Dry White Grape  /   Medium Red Fruit                    

Beer:  Stout (Class 7) – including; Sweet Stout (7.1); Oatmeal Stout(7.2); Irish Stout(7.3); Foreign Extra Stout(7.4); Imperial Stout(7.5)

Liqueur: None this month

July 19 Topic:  Unison Vineyards will preset a selection of wines and information.


Monthly Competition Classes.

Wine: Medium White Grape  /  Dry / Medium / Sweet Other Ingredient                    

Beer:   Strong Ale (>6% Alc Class 8) including; Strong Ale(8.1); Imperial IPA (8.2); Dopplebock (8.3); Barley Wine (8.4)

or Porter (Class 6) including; Brown Porter (6.1); Robust Porter(6.2)

Liqueur: Naturally Infused (Class 2)

August 16 Topic:  Educational event: Understanding Aromas in Beer.

Monthly Competition Classes.

Wine: Sweet Red Fruit  /  Sherry / Dry Citrus                    

Beer:   Belgian or French Ale (Class 12) including; Belgian Blonde Ale(12.1); Belgian Dubbel(12.2); Belgian Pale Ale(12.3); Belgian Strong Ale(12.4); Saison(12.5)

Liqueur: None this month

September 20

Topic:  Field Trip to Delegates New $45M Winery!

Monthly Competition Classes.

Competition Postponed until next Month

Wine: Sweet White Fruit  /   Dry or Medium Sparkling                   

Beer:   Specialty Beer (Class 9) including; Fruit Beer(9.1); Spice/herb/Veg Beer(9.2); Smoked Beer(9.3); Wood-aged Beer(9.4); Other Specialty(9.5)

Liqueur: Cream Based (Class 3)

October 18

Topic:  TBA. -due to a cancellation…

Monthly Competition Classes.

Wine: Sweet Red Grape /  Port / Draft Cider                   

Beer:   Dark Ale (Class 10) including; NZ Dark ale(10.1);

Liqueur: None this month

Plus Last months classes that were postponed.


Topic:  TBA -Likely Craft Beer or Hops???

Monthly Competition Classes.

Wine: Sweet White Grape  /   Desert                   

Beer:   Pilsner (Class 2) including; German Pilsner(2.1); Bohemian Pilsner(2.2); NZ & New World Pilsner(2.3);

OR Wheat Beer(Class 11) including; Weizen/Weissbier(11.1); Dunkelweizen(11.2); Weiszan Bock(11.3); Witbeer(11.4)

Liqueur: Essence Based (Class 1)


Topic:  Christmas party

Social drinks etc. Details to follow…

Monthly Competition Classes.

None this month

    Every Month

Monthly Judging for Annual Competition:

      • Winemaker of the Year
      • Brewer of the Year
      • Liquor maker of the year (alternate months)
      • Runner up Winemaker of the Year
      • Runner up Brewer of the Year
      • Novice Winemaker
      • Novice Brewer

Will YOUR name be on a Trophy?

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